Sock Ons are quickly becoming a necessary baby item and they have had great reviews from parents all around the globe! See for yourself!

Sock Ons Featured in Channel 5 News 'Mothers of Invention'

Mini Et Moi
No socks please, We’re Babies
- The secret to keeping socks glued to your tot’s tootsies.

There’ll come a time when socks as entertainment comes as a huge relief. You know: you’re brunching with trendy singleton friends and, oops, you forgot to pack toys for Little One. At that point, it’s fun making a game of socks.

But there’ll be other times when a trail of little pink (or blue) socks in the wake of your bugaboo will really, really get you. Deciding whether to turn back and collect said socks may depend on your mood – or perhaps the weather.

Enter the Sock-on. Looking something like a coat for a really tiny Chihuahua, the Sock-on slips over baby’s sock – making it impossible for them to be pulled, rolled or kicked off. Made from soft-woven elasticised material, they come in a range of colours - a cute accessory that no baby (or sane parent) will want to be seen without.

What Mini says:
Damnation! Defeated by something so small and cute-looking! Spent the entire day tugging at my socks. Tried all the tricks – pulling, rolling, kicking. And nothing.

Bizzie Babies - Parent Testing and Review Baby Products
"Sock Ons are the most amazing ingenous product I have seen and come across for a long time. No gimmic they really do work. How I ever lived without these before who knows!! I have had strangers ask me either what are they for or 'Do They work?'. I have of course gone into detail on how superb and marvellous these are and I would rate them 11 out of 10 and give them 5 Gold Stars. For the price of these it really is worth it and they are just a fantastic invention. These look cute, wash well and the really do work!!! No more lost socks a lifesaver and they are perfect for my daughter as come in a range of great colours.

Clare Connolly-Joyce - Daugher Niamh

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